NOC Swiftwater Rescue for Whitewater Paddlers

Duration: 2 Days
Price Per Person: $260
Location: Bryson City, NC
Dates: April – October

Geared toward this modern day river runner, this course focuses on progressive and advanced skills while satisfying all ACA L4 requirements. We have taken the requirements a step further – participants will learn to manage realistic river rescue situations that a paddler might experience using techniques performed with minimal equipment.

Because of the intensity of this course, participants should consider the following prerequisites:

  • Be in good physical condition – this is an active course and participants will be swimming.
  • Be proficient in self-rescue and swimming in Class II Whitewater.
  • Familiar with throwing and repacking rope. Please practice before your course begins.
  • Capable in craft of choice in Class III Whitewater.
  • Solid understanding of river reading and hydrology.
  • Familiar with the following knots prior to the course:
    • Figure Eight
    • Figure Eight Double Loop
    • Figure Eight Follow Loop
    • Water Knot
    • Double Fisherman

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